How many current businesses can claim to have catered for the Melbourne Olympics! In 1956 that's what Tommaso & Sarina Cavallaro set out to do. For more than 50 years T. Cavallaro & Sons has served its customers with the same quality products that has kept them coming back.

Our link to its founders is not broken. Carmelo Cavallaro started with parents Tommaso & Sarina and is still working at our premises. Since 1956 he has been at work every Easter and every Christmas, making sure that our customers have encountered the same satisfaction and quality they have come to expect.

Our secret to longevity is simple. Our recipes have not changed since Tommaso started his fledgling business. We have always used fresh ingredients. We do not use premixes.  Whatever your needs are, from biscotti to wedding cakes come & see us. We are strictly a family business. When calling or visiting every person you see or talk to is a family member. Recipes originate from Lipari, Sicily dating back to Tommaso's father in the late 19th century.

Tommaso and Sarina have and will always remain our inspiration.

Shop Front 1956 - Tommaso & Tony Tommaso, Carmelo & Tony Carmelo, Tommaso & Tony

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